Bed & breakfast accommodation in the scenic Søhøjlandet by Østbirk close to the E45.

Bed and Breakfast i hyggelige omgivelser

Hukaergaard Bed & Breakfast is very centrally located in a scenic area on the edge of Østbirk where the shopping opportunities are within walking distance via path.

​Hukaergaard is close to the E45 motorway Horsens north and Skanderborg south, with only 10 km to both approaches. It's about. 20 minutes drive to the city center of Horsens.

We offer an apartment with free WiFi access and a large flat screen TV with many channels incl. German. Outdoor facilities such as barbecue and fire pit, where you have a fabulous view of Yding Skovhøj.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of put and take fishing in several lakes in the vicinity, as well as the possibility of experiencing Bryrupbanen by bicycle and vintage train. The trip with the Hjejlebådene on the Silkeborg Lakes is also a really good experience. If you want to go back in time, a visit to the old town in Aarhus is just the experience you're looking for. Find more attractions in the area here.

We give ourselves plenty of time to take care of our guests and are passionate about giving our guests a good experience at this natural gem. We have extensive experience from a long time as an independent trader.

​Note: Pets are not allowed.


We offer

  • Accommodation for tourists, workers, drivers and other travelers
  • Beautiful natural surroundings in Søhøjlandet
  • Rooms with WiFi and TV
  • Possibility of breakfast
  • Outdoor facilities such as barbecue and fire pit
  • Large parking lot for trucks

 Hukaergaard bed and breakfast.
Hukaergaard bed and breakfast. See more photos in the gallery.

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